Concepts and issues


  • Do you enter Paradise barren ?!

    Some people in the popular circles say unfounded statements, in terms of their support or content, which are contrary to the simplest rules of thought, and are based on ignorance and backwardness, and do not emanate from any responsibility, and therefore, do not fatigue the slightest awareness ….

  • How does the Qur’an indicate the imam?

    The Holy Quran speaks of the issue of the Re’ut, which is the other day, through two lines: the first line: is it possible or impossible? The second line: Is it a reality or not a reality? The idea that it is possible or impossible is the idea ….

  • The crucifixion of Christ (p) in the Quran and the Gospels

    Christians have generally affirmed in their faith that Christ was crucified in a crucifixion. This doctrine has become one of the most important pillars of the Christian religion, and the cross has become a sacred symbol and a religious emblem that binds it and carries it on their shoulders in different ways.

Issues raised controversy

  • The fact of the Koran Fatima

    Al-Zahraa (AS) has left us a book known as the “Musallaf Fatima”. There has been widespread speculation about it, and this is why we must explain the truth of this Qur’an and see what it contains. First, we must emphasize that this Koran, according to all Shiites believe without exception …

  • Crescent: First month and astronomical calculations proved

    The question of the beginning of determining the beginning of the lunar months took a polemic in the words of the fuqaha ‘between a traditional view that is frozen on the text contained (fasting for vision and break of vision) and a moving understanding of the text. The depth of the text is considered to be the beginning of a new lunar cycle, The beginning of a lunar cycle ..

  • Formative State

    The formative mandate is one of the most prominent of the scholars that the scholars discussed and gave each one of them his opinion, as it is a term and a concept open to multiple possibilities. From here, questions arise: Does the guardian, an imam or prophet, have executive and executive authority over the universe?